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Research is Key, Says Ideas in Partnership

Research is Key, Says Ideas in Partnership

Knowing your customers’ wants & needs makes marketing strategies easy to plan

When it comes to ensuring business success, it still surprises the team at Ideas in Partnership, which was founded in 2002 by Carolyn Maniukiewicz (pictured, far left), how many companies – large or small – do little or no market research or create a strategy for business development.

From their experience in strategic marketing and business development, the companies that reap the rewards are those that do their homework so they understand their customers: who they are, what they want and how they want it. They do not rely on hearsay or guesswork, or just providing whatever they fancy; instead they focus on what is important – the needs and desires of their client base.

The market research services provided by Ideas in Partnership not only help their clients across Scotland understand who, why and which people want to buy their products, but also how they want to purchase or like things packaged, among other essential factors.

Additionally, as the company is accredited and a member of the Market Research Society (MRS), all the researchers are trained to carry out their work in adherence to their code of conduct, thus ensuring a high-quality, reputable result. No matter the size and scale of the project, Ideas in Partnership treats every project the same way – be that one worth £50 million in oil and gas or a local consumer study.

With the research completed, the team can then help their clients – from one-man bands to blue chips – devise a strategy for developing their business. For Ideas in Partnership, flying blind into, for example, an unplanned advertising campaign can lead to wasting money and scratching of heads as it may not bear fruit. Together with the companies, they look at a marketing strategy that includes hosting an event, doing a product launch, investing in public relations or speaking at a conference. Other possibilities might be attending exhibitions, either as an exhibitor or simply as a delegate, with advertising only looked at after all other avenues have been checked out.

In addition to market research and business development, Ideas in Partnership also host top entrepreneurial and business conferences – and The Big Buchan Bash wedding show in Fraserburgh! – under the banner of Events in Partnership. For The Scottish Chambers of Commerce, they manage the business mentoring programme, too – from Aberdeenshire in the north to Edinburgh and the Borders in the south.

For Carolyn, the most important part of Ideas in Partnership’s business philosophy is teamwork. Since 2002, the company has grown to include six full-time and three part-time staff, as well as 15 ad hoc researchers. As she says: “To grow a business, you need to build a good team, and we’ve achieved this by developing ours, ensuring we have skilled people in place to deal with our eclectic mix of clients. And, although we have many strings to our bow, we hold true to our original philosophy of working with clients, guaranteeing that they get what is right for them and being there by their sides throughout the process. There is, after all, no ‘I’ in teamwork.”